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What is Spread the Jam?

Spread the Jam is a New Musical Social Club/Lesson group starting here soon at Music Corner North. Open to people of all ages and skill levels, spread the Jam aims to bring together local musicians looking to learn something new and meet other people that also share your love of music!

The Ultimate goal of Spread the Jam is to provide a place for you to get immersed more into the wider community of music in your local area whilst meeting and connecting with fellow musos. At Spread the Jam, we also aim to teach you some new things.

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Sessions will be lead by Matthew, a muso with tons of experience in he Australian music scene. Matthew is a down to earth community conscious person. He has worked with people with special needs, Returned Servicemen and people from all sections of the community, young and old for many years.

Matthew believes Music allows people to build confidence, form friendships and is beneficial for those feeling anxious, depressed or just lonely.

Who is Spread the Jam for?

  • Any and all musicians! Spread the Jam aims to be a comfortable, welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment that is perfect for any musician, whether you are an expert or an absolute beginner.

  • If you are shy Matthew can guarantee to build your self esteem and confidence!

  • If you are beginner we would love you to join in, groups will be formed with other attendees of like skill levels, so everyone gets an experience tailored to their goals and skill. More advanced musicians will find a place to form a band and even help out with our more beginner level attendees.

  • Have you previously been in a band and want to recapture that magic?

    • Heres your chance!

  • The sessions are cooperative not competitive, so we are looking for each group to work together and jam.

  • Are you young and new to Music?

    • Heres your chance to rub elbows with and learn from the experience of some musical Vets!

  • If you can sing a little, play some guitar, keys or drums or even just keen to clap and sing along, you are welcome! We want you to contribute your enthusiasm to the session.

  • True Musicians Support one another, and spread the Jam aims to be a hub for local musicians to work together and help give each other a leg up into the scene or just have good time. So register your interest below and join us at Spread the Jam!

Whens the First Session?

We have just begun planning the timetable and building the schedule ready for our first sessions to begin soon! With sessions filling up fast!

Below is a form for you to register your interest. Please choose one or more of the available times most convenient to you, please leave your name, number and most convenient times and we will get in touch with you soon to place you into the session that best suits you.

Register Your Interest for Spread the Jam

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