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Yamaha CLP-625 Clavinova Digital Piano
Yamaha CLP-625 Clavinova Digital Piano
Yamaha CLP-625 Clavinova Digital Piano
Yamaha CLP-625 Clavinova Digital Piano

    Yamaha CLP-625 Clavinova Digital Piano

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    Everything you could want in your first piano, including two of the world's finest grand pianos: the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial.

    • CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples

    • CFX Binaural sampling

    • Smooth Release

    • Key-Off samples

    • String Resonance

    • Damper Resonance

    • 256-note polyphony

    • 10 Voices

    • GH3X (Graded Hammer 3X) keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops

    • Escapement

    • Dual/Duo

    • Digital effect (Reverb)

    • 10 Voice Demo Songs + 50 Piano Songs * (*The Clavinova comes with a book of music scores)

    • 2-track recording


    • Dual headphone jacks

    • 20 W x 2 amplifiers

    • 10 cm x 2 speaker system

    • Acoustic Optimizer

    • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)

    • Stereophonic Optimizer

    • Music braces

    • Connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch ** (**For wired connection, refer to “iPhone / iPad Connection Manual”.)

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    • Yamaha CFX Sample, Yamaha’s finest 9-foot concert grand and the Bösendorfer Imperial Sample, Bösendorfer’s esteemed 9-foot 6” distinctly versatile, light and mellow concert grand.
    • GH3X (Graded Hammer 3X) keyboard action reproduces the touch of an acoustic instrument, from the heavier feel in the lower register to the lighter touch in the upper octaves. Additionally the escapement mechanism that reproduces the feel of an acoustic piano as it goes through the let-off of the jack and the fall of the hammer when a key is played very softly. This along with Synthetic Ebony & Ivory key tops that reproduce the tactile surface of the Ivory white keys, and wooden Ebony keys of keyboards once used in acoustic pianos make this entry level the best feeling Clavinova to date.
    • Key-off samples deliver the delicate change in sound the instant the damper falls back to the string. The moment a pianist’s fingers are lifted from the keys of a grand piano, subtle changes occur in the instrument’s tone as the damper is lowered onto the strings to mute the sound. Key-off samples feature actual recordings of these changes, offering a faithful reproduction of the most subtle nuances in the piano’s tone, creating a more realistic overall sound.
    • String Resonance recreates and emulates the sympathetic sounds of other strings resonating, just like the behavior of acoustic pianos.  
    • Damper Resonance (DSP) recreates the sound of the inside of a grand piano when the dampers are off the strings.  Stereo Sustain samples provide mellow reverberations when the player depresses the damper pedal. Similarly, Damper Resonance DSP provides broad and deep resonance when the pedal is used.
    • Acoustic Optimizer physically adjusts the acoustic flow by using a special design and position within the instrument to control resonance and enrich the overall sound.  Acoustic Optimizer delivers naturally smooth tonal richness across the entire keyboard by regulating the flow of sound and control of tone from the cabinet of the instrument.
    • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) automatically adjusts the EQ of the built-in stereo speaker system to the player’s setting, ensuring the richest tone at any volume level.  The instrument automatically adjusts the balance of bass and treble, creating a truer sound with more depth.
    • The Stereophonic Optimizer is unique to Yamaha. When playing and listening to the instrument using headphones, the Stereophonic Optimizer adjusts the spacing of the sound and the separation from the piano, resulting in a spacious, surround sound quality that will inspire you to play for hours at a time. Within this private listening environment, the sound of the piano can be perceived to come from the body of the instrument rather than from the headphones, providing a more realistic and natural experience.
    • A standard USB cable can be used to connect the instrument to a computer or mobile device, opening up a world of creativity, entertainment, and education. iOS devices can be connected to the instrument using the Yamaha UD-BT01, the i-UX1 connecter cable, or the Apple Camera Connection kit. The instrument can be used to interact as a controller and/or sound source with a variety of music creation applications.
    • Polyphony is the measure of note data, and the more polyphony you have, the more notes can be played simultaneously. With 256-note polyphony, even the most complex piano compositions can be played without fear of dropped notes.