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Wenger Classic 50 Music Stand

    Wenger Classic 50 Music Stand

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    The Classic 50® stand is the end result of a half-century of experience with musicians and music educators just like you. By thoroughly understanding your day-to-day needs and recurring problems, we've been able to create a music stand that delivers traditional elegance without all the traditional headaches.


    • Quiet, Rattle-Free Performance – Polycarbonate desk and base are quieter than steel or aluminum.

    • Lightweight, Yet Durable – At just under 5 lbs, moving stands is a breeze.

    • Long-lasting Appearance – Polycarbonate material won’t scratch or dent, making them virtually “graffiti proof.”

    • Protection of Musicians – Bolt-thru desk attachment means no unexpected mishaps, and polycarbonate material and rounded edges means no sharp edges to worry about.

    • Protection of Instruments – No worrying about scratching or denting expensive instruments.

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