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Casio PX-5S Privia Stage Piano
Casio PX-5S Privia Stage Piano
Casio PX-5S Privia Stage Piano

    Casio PX-5S Privia Stage Piano

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    At the heart of the PX-5S Stage Piano is Casio's proprietary AiR sound source which provides incredible realism, detail and expression for grand pianos sounds.

    • Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source
    • Ebony and Ivory Feel Keys
    • Hammer Action Keyboard
    • Stage Settings & Hex Layers


    The new Privia PX-5S redefines the stage piano category with unprecedented sound quality and performance features in a lightweight design that is supremely portable. 

    Privia Pro Blog

    Want to get to know the new PX-5S? Really get to know it at the new Privia Pro blog. Here you will find in depth info and tutorials on the features of the new PX-5S. The blog is regulalry updated with more vidoes, tutorials and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this great instrument. You'll find all you need to know here -

    Powered by AiR 

    At the heart of the PX-5S Stage Piano is Casio’s proprietary AiR sound source which provides incredible realism, detail and expression for grand piano sounds. In the PX-5S, the power of AiR has been expanded to provide stunning fidelity and control over other instrument tones and effects with 256 notes of polyphony.

    Old School, New Class

    In addition to Privia’s award winning grand piano sounds, the PX-5S has an arsenal of newly developed sounds including classic electric piano, harpsichord and clav sounds. Some of these tones are complete with release samples, amplifier and speaker simulations for an incredibly authentic experience.

    The Privia PRO PX5S has a maximum polyphony of 256 notes, making it a highly expressive instrument for performing.

    • 20 acoustic piano presets capture the nuanced tonal variations and lingering reverberations of real pianos.
    • Also included are 30 keyboard instrument presets, including “electric piano,” which seamlessly reproduce the changes in tone quality according to the force of the keystroke, and “clavi,” which captures the tonal character when the finger leaves the key.
    • 50 Hex Layer presets layer as many as six tones for ensemble sounds.
    • Another 220 presets cover a wide variety of musical instruments including organs, strings, and guitars.
    • Users can also choose from 20 drum sets customized for a broad range of musical genres.

    Serious Control

    The PX-5S is a powerful four zone controller, complete with 4 knobs and 6 sliders all of which are completely configurable to control internal sounds, effects parameters or send continuous controllers to other gear. Each zone on the PX-5S can control an internal sound, an external MIDI device or both simultaneously.

    New Sonic Territory

    The PX-5S redefines what a stage piano should be, providing an arsenal of other sounds and creative tools. The PX-5S includes powerful Hex Layer tones complete with real-time filters and also features four programmable arpeggiators and multitrack phrase sequencing. 

    Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II 

    The new Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II responds to subtle variations in the time between detection of a keystroke and sound production, depending on the speed of the keystroke. The Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II detects the force of keystrokes using three sensors per key to reproduce the distinct attack timing of acoustic and electric pianos. The High-Resolution Velocity expresses the force of a keystroke over 16,256 gradations. The Hammer Response reproduces the variations in the attack of the notes depending on how forcefully the notes are struck and the register of the keyboard. The action relies solely on the weight of the hammer, which become progressively heavier towards the lower end and progressively lighter towards the higher end of the keyboard, simulating the characteristic of the action on a grand piano.

    Simulated Ebony and Ivory Feel Keys

    The simulated ebony and ivory keys offer the luxurious feel and texture of a grand piano keyboard. The texture allows maximum grip and avoids slipping of the fingers due to moisture.


    Casio continues the tradition of providing "class compliant" USB connectivity on Privia digital pianos. This allows Privia to be used with Mac or Windows computers without the need for downloading drivers. Class Compliant USB MIDI also allows Privia digital pianos to be used as a controller for the Apple iPad simply with the use of Apple's Camera Connection Kit.

    Audio Recording / Playback

    Performances can be recorded in high quality 44.1 kHz WAV format directly on to a USB flash drive. The audio function can also playback WAV files directly from a USB flash drive, allowing the use of backing tracks to accompany your playing.

    Optimal for a wide range of playing conditions and performing styles

    • 256 Note maximum polyphony
    • The instrument is lightweight and slim at 11.1 kilograms and 28.6 centimeters deep, making it convenient for carrying to the stage or studio.
    • The instrument can be powered by either an AC adaptor or batteries, a convenient option for performing on the street and other outdoor settings.
    • The Audio Recording function saves piano performances on a USB flash drive.
    • Various input and output terminals enable connection of MIDI-compatible electronic instruments and audio players and equipment.

    Firmware Update Available

    A new firmware update version 1.13 has been released for the PX-5S. The new update can be downloaded here Download Firmware Update




    Number of Keys 88
    Key Action Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
    Key Surface Finish Simulated ebony and ivory keys
    Touch Sensitivity 3 sensitivity levels, off
    High Resolution Velocity 16,256 steps
    Key Off Velocity YES
    Hammer Response YES


    Sound Source AiR Sound Source
    Polyphony [Maximum] 256
    Hex Layer 50 preset, 150 user
    Acoustic Piano 20 preset, 20 user
    Keyboard Instrument (incl Elec Piano) 60 preset, 50 user
    Organ 30 preset, 20 user
    Strings / Brass 70 preset, 20 user
    Guitar / Bass 40 preset, 20 user
    Synth / Various 80 preset, 50 user
    Drum Sets 20 preset, 20 user


    4 types
    4 types
    DSP 4 lines, 20 types
    Equalizer 4 band
    Compressor YES
    Delay YES
    String Resonance YES
    Damper Resonance YES


    Memory 100 user Stage Settings
    Zone 4 (maximum)


    Playback Mode
    One-shot, Loop
    Memory Capacity Approx 1600 notes per phrase
    Overdubbing YES
    Note Quantize YES


    Audio Recording / Playback
    Max 100 songs, approx 25 min/song, 44.1kHz stereo WAV format


    Mixer 16 channel + 1 channel (ext input)
    Octave Shift ± 3 Octaves
    Key Transpose ± 1 Octave (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones)
    Tuning Control A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz
    Scale Tuning 17 Temparements
    Stretch Tuning 7 types, Off
    Pitch Bend Wheel YES
    Modulation Wheel YES
    Assignable Knobs 4
    Sliders 6
    Panel Lock Yes
    Arpeggiator Backlit, Full dot LCD
    Display 96 setups
    General MIDI 16 multi-timbre received, GM level 1 standard



    Headphones 2 (stereo standard jack)
    Pedal Terminal 2 - assignable, envelope responsive
    Line Out L/MONO, R (standard jack)
    Line In L/MONO, R (standard jack)
    USB Port YES
    USB Flash Drive Port YES
    Batteries AA-size alkaline x8
    Battery Life approx 3 hours (using headphones)


    Dimensions [W x D x H] 1322 x 286 x 135mm
    Dimensions [With Optional Stand CS-44P] 1322 x 286 x 760mm
    Weight 11.1kg
    Weight (with Optional Stand)



    Included Accessories AC Adaptor, SP3 Pedal
    Adaptor Type 10361063