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Casio PX-560 Metallic Blue Privia Arranger Piano
Casio PX-560 Metallic Blue Privia Arranger Piano
Casio PX-560 Metallic Blue Privia Arranger Piano

    Casio PX-560 Metallic Blue Privia Arranger Piano

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    The PX-560 is the latest edition to Casio’s Privia Pro line. Featuring many of the sound design elements of the award winning PX-5S, the PX-560 adds new tones, user-programmable rhythms, built-in speakers, all centered around an amazing, easy-to-use 5.3" Color Touch Interface.

    • Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source
    • Ebony and Ivory Feel Keys
    • Hammer Action Keyboard
    • 256 Note Maximum Polyphony


    Powerful performance and production tools, packaged in an easy to use and portable instrument.

    Powered by AiR 

    At the heart of the PX-560 is the AiR (Acoustic Intelligent Resonator) sound source. Faithfully reproducing the sound of a 9-foot concert grand piano, the AiR sound source also incorporates every possible detail within the piano sound. Casio’s Linear Morphing technology ensures the smoothest possible curve in dynamics, from the quietest pianissimo right through to the loudest fortissimo. The Key-Off simulator allows you to control the length of the note decay by the speed at which notes are released.

    Full Colour Touch Interface

    Navigating the PX560 is a breeze with the new Colour Touch Interface. The 5.3-inch full colour touch screen responds immediately to your touch, incorporating familiar icon styles and gestures such as swipe. The intuitive touch screen ensures every function, from choosing tones and rhythms, to effects and recording are always right at your fingertips.

    Natural Feel

    The PX-560 features Casio’s renouned Tri-sensor 88-note scaled hammer action. Just as on a grand piano, the lower notes feel slightly heavier, and progressively become lighter towards the higher notes. Both beginners and seasoned pianists alike will appreciate the feel offered by the ebony and ivory textured keys, ensuring maximum grip on the keys.

    String Resonance

    The sound produced by an acoustic piano is not only the sound associated with the individual keys that are struck. Other strings with frequencies closely associated with those producing the sounds will resonate as well, adding to the overall sound and giving the music a uniquely rich resonance. The new AiR sound source reproduces this resonance naturally through the use of a stereo resonance simulator for all 88 keys. The resonance created from using the damper pedal is also reproduced naturally across all 88 keys. When using the optional SP-33 pedal board, a continuously variable damper system reproduces even the subtle changes in reverberation that occur in response to delicate pressure changes applied to the damper pedal. The resonance system allows players to perform with an unprecedented amount of expressive detail.

    Fully Equipped Ready to Perform

    Much more than just a piano, the PX-560 also features a huge variety of 650 tones, including strings, guitars, basses, drums, synth tones and more. Many of the sound design elements have been brought across from the award winning PX-5S stage piano into the PX-560, including the Hex Layer sound engine, allowing you to layer up to 6 waveforms within a single tone. On board is also powerful synth editing capabilites, where you can edit, create and store up to 400 of your own user tones. 

    The 3 assignable knobs, an assignable Modulation Wheel and expression pedal input ensure you are always in complete control of your performance. Combine all of this with the 220 built-in rhythm patterns and automatic accompaniments, the possibilities are endless, covering a wide range of musical genres.

    From Home to the Stage

    The PX-560 is designed with flexibility in mind. When combined with the CS67 stand and SP33 pedal board, it becomes an attractive furniture style digital piano sure to suit any home interior design. Yet the PX560 can be easily taken from home to the stage. Featuring stereo Line Output and Inputs, USB and 5-pin MIDI connections, the PX560 can be easily incorporated into any live performance setup. The 96 Performance Registrations ensure your custom setups are always at your fingertips, ready to recall in an instant.

    Studio Functions Built In

    Capturing your ideas is simple with the built-in 17-track MIDI song recorder. Store up to 100 songs, or even utilize the Audio Recorder to record in .WAV format direct to a USB thumb drive. A Class Compliant USB MIDI connection as well as 5-pin MIDI In/Out ensures the PX-360 will play nice with any other external studio gear.

    Other Features

    • 256 Note maximum polyphony
    • 650 pro quality tones
    • 2-way, 4-speaker system
    • Line output (L / MONO, R)
    • Line input (L / MONO, R)
    • Pitch Bend & Modulation Wheel
    • Expression Pedal input
    • Only 12kg (without CS67 stand)ADDITIONAL INFO





    Number of Keys 88
    Key Action Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
    Key Surface Finish Simulated ebony and ivory keys
    Touch Sensitivity 3 sensitivity levels, off


    Sound Source Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR
    Polyphony [Maximum] 256
    Number of Built-in Tones 650
    User Tones 400
    Hex Layer Yes
    Layer Yes
    Split Yes


    Hammer Response Yes (8 levels)
    String Resonance Yes (16 levels)
    Damper Resonance Yes (16 levels)
    Lid Simulator -
    Key Off Simulator Yes

    Number of Built-in Rhythms
    One Touch Preset Yes
    Rhythm Editor Yes
    User Rhythms 30


    Number of Built-in Songs -
    User Songs 100


    17 tracks, 5 Songs, Punch-in/Punch-Out Recording
    Approx Data Capacity Approx 50,000 notes per song
    Audio Recording / Playback max 100 songs, 74 min/song (44.1kHz WAV Format)


    Duet Mode Yes
    Octave Shift ± 2 Octaves
    Metronome 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 beats; tempo range 20 to 255
    Pedals Included: SP-3 Optional: SP-33 (damper, soft, sostenuto)
    Half-Damper Pedal Operation Yes (with optional SP-33 pedal unit)
    Key Transpose 2 Octaves (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones)
    Tuning Control A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz
    Scale Tuning 17 Temperaments
    Panel Lock Yes
    Registrations 96 Setups
    Music Preset Yes (including chord progressions) 300 preset, 50 user
    Auto Harmonize Yes - 12 Types
    Display 96 setups
    General MIDI Yes
    Auto Power Off Yes (default approx 4 hours)



    Headphones 2 (stereo standard jack)
    Pedal Terminal 2 (Damper, Assignable/Expression)
    Connector for 3 Pedal Unit YES
    Line Out 2 (L / MONO, R) Standard Jack
    Line In 2 (L / MONO, R) Standard Jack
    MIDI In/Out In / Out
    USB Port YES
    USB Flash Drive Port YES


    Speakers 12 cm x2
    2-way, 4-speakers Yes (5 cm x 2)
    Amplifier 8W + 8W

    Dimensions [W x D x H] 1322 x 293 x 147 mm (w/o music stand)
    Dimensions [With Optional Stand CS-44P] 1322 x 293 x 773 mm
    Weight 12.0kg
    Weight (with Optional Stand)



    Included Accessories SP-3 pedal, AC adaptor, Music rest
    Adaptor Type 10361063