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Rentals with Studio 19

Studio 19 rental is available on all musical instruments and gives you the ability to try an Instrument for a long period of time for affordable monthly payments.

Benefits of Renting:

  1. BRAND NEW instruments with full warranty, so you also get to choose what level you would like to start beginner, intermediate or advanced, giving the player a boosted success rate.

  2. Rentals available with easy and affordable monthly repayments.

  3. Any current special offer or cash price is available as a  rental option, reducing your monthly rental amount.

  4. You can purchase you’re chosen instrument at any time during your rental period, by simply calling studio 19 and paying out the decreased value of the rented instrument. 

  5. You can keep renting until ownership is passed to you with one additional payment, with the amount of time depending on the dollar value of the rented instrument.

  6. A protection plan for your instrument is also available for an additional cost.

  7. No ongoing account keeping fees or charges.

Call 1300 853 358 for More info or visit Us In-store to get a new instrument today with studio 19!

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