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Yamaha Stagepas 1K Portable PA System: Click for more info


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The STAGEPAS 1K is an all-in-one portable PA system that allows you to quickly and easily transform any location into your stage. Delivering professional level audio performance with a setup so simple it enables aspiring artists to focus on their music and get the most out of their performances. The STAGEPAS 1K surpasses other portable PAs with the highest standard of sound quality and sound pressure, lightweight cabinet design, professional mixing functions, and simple operability. By adopting a concert-quality mixer and speaker, we have defined a new standard for portable PA by utilizing Yamaha’s unique experience and know-how developed over decades of producing innovative, professional audio equipment from every stage of music engineering and production.

The STAGEPAS 1K comes equipped with a wealth of sound adjustment features, including 1-knob EQ to perform multiple EQ processes simultaneously, and MODE which allows you to adjust optimized compression settings like “Speech” or “Music” to match various applications. All adjustments can be done simply with one knob, which makes getting the perfect mix fast and easy with no need to learn a complex workflow and allows you to focus on your performance without worrying about time-consuming parameter adjustment.

A 1000 W amplifier drives the array speaker with 10 small-diameter 1.5" units, as well as a class-leading 12" subwoofer. The impressive 170° horizontal and 30° vertical coverage area delivers consistent performance over long distances, projecting uniform, high-quality sound from the front to the rear of the audience.

Available to rent with Studio 19. Click HERE for more information About Renting with Studio 19.

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Additional Info


1000W, portable PA system with 5 channel digital mixer, 12” subwoofer, 1.5” x10 line array speaker, a Bluetooth input, SPX digital reverbs and 1knob EQ and multi band comp for master output.

  • 1000W (HF:190W+LF:810W) power output

  • Biggest in the class 12” subwoofer for low frequency

  • 1.5” x10 slim line array speaker for high frequency

  • Digital mixer (3 mono mic/line + 1 stereo line)

  • Multi band comp “mode” for master output

  • 1-knob EQ for per channel

  • High resolution SPX digital reverbs (4types, parameter control)

  • 2x Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs

  • Link out and monitor out

  • Dedicated cover included

  • Optional reverb foot switch

  • Optional dolly for more portability