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AKG WMS40 Single Mini Handheld Wireless Vocal Microphone System: Click for more info


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The WMS 40 Mini Vocal Wireless System features AKG's unique HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance) technology ensures the best possible, most realistic sound at any time. The system includes an SR 40 MINI receiver, a HT 40 MINI handheld transmitter, a universal power supply with US/UK/EU adapter, and one AA size dry battery.

The SR 40 Mini receiver provides three status LEDs indicating ON/OFF status, received signal strength (RF OK), and audio clipping (AF CLIP). The VOLUME control sets the level at the ¼" output jack. The supplied switched mode power supply operates on any AC voltage from 110 to 240 VAC and includes EU, UK, and US adapters. 

The rugged HT 40 Mini handheld transmitter features an ON/OFF/MUTE switch and a sturdy wire-mesh cap protecting the cardioid dynamic microphone element. Battery life of the transmitter is the same legendary "30 hours off a single AA battery" as for the WMS 40 models, reducing the need to replace batteries and thus saving real money in the long run.

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AKG WS40 Mini 4x3.png

Additional Info

Specs and Features

SR40 Mini Dual Wireless Receiver:

  • Audio Frequency Bandwidth: 40 - 20,000Hz
  • Signal-to-Noise: 110dBA
  • THD at 1kHz: 0.8
  • Recommended Simultaneous Channels: 3
  • Frequency Selection: 1 Fixed Frequency (Channel 70) - these mics are fixed so cannot be changed to accommodate any other mics that run on those frequencies.
  • Radio Range (Line of Sight): 20m
  • Modulation: FM
  • Transmitter Synchronisation: Manual
  • Audio Outputs: 2 x Balanced Jack
  • Power Supply: 12V DC

HT40 Mini Handheld Transmitter:

  • Audio Frequency Bandwidth: 40 - 20,000Hz
  • Signal-to-Noise: 110dBA
  • THD at 1kHz: 0.8
  • Peak Deviation: 45kHz
  • Nominal Deviation: 15kHz
  • Radio Output Power (Min/Max): 10mW
  • Transmitter Synchronisation: Manual
  • Battery Type: 1 x AA Battery
  • Operating Time: 30 Hours