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BIAS DEL4 Multi-Function Delay Effects Pedal: Click for more info

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BIAS Delay lets you quickly and easily design thousands of custom delay pedals from scratch. Seamlessly integrated with BIAS Pedal Delay for mobile and desktop, BIAS Delay Pedal travels effortlessly between studio and stage. And of course, it’s ToneCloud-ready. Upload and share your unique delay pedals on the ToneCloud social network for guitarists, and download thousands of unique delay pedals from fellow musicians around the world.


  • Presets - Comes with 10 default presets for each bank and able to import new ones with BIAS Pedal app

  • Banks - BIAS Delay provides two banks to store total 20 presets

  • MIDI Control - Full MIDI Implementation for much more flexible control.

  • Tap Tempo - Use Tap Tempo footswitch to set the BPM.

  • Delay Time - Up to 3000ms delay time

  • Note Division - Hardware comes with 3 most popular note division options: quarter note, dotted eighth note, eighth note triplets. Able to access more note options in BIAS Pedal app

  • Independent Reverb control - BIAS Delay provides a independent reverb knob to control additional reverberation effect.

  • Bypass - Choose True Bypass for the pure sound quality or Buffer Bypass to buffer the signal during bypass state.

  • Expression Pedal - Connect with EXP. Pedal to real time control any paramater on stage.

  • Software - Work with BIAS Pedal (Mac, PC and iPad) for pedal customization, preset management and remote controling

  • USB connection - USB connection with PC & Mac

  • USB power supply - Able to power up the pedal with USB connection

  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth connectivity for BIAS Pedal iOS

  • ToneCloud - Share and download tones of delay pedal with other musician around the world

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BIAS DEL4 Delay Pedal 4x3 1.png