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Zildjian A Custom 20" Projection Ride Cymbal: Click for more info


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This excellent all-purpose Ride slices through amplified music without loss of musical tone or character. It features a powerful, loud bell with strong high-end "ping" qualities to cut through the music.  Enables drummers to generate extra power with less effort.  Built at a heavier weight that creates a clean, clear stick sound with just the right amount of shimmering undertones.

  • Brilliant Finish

  • Bright/Mid Sound

  • Long Sustain

  • Project Volume

  • Heavy Weight

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Zildjian A Custom 20%22 Projection Ride Cymbal 1.png

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  • SKU: A20586
  • Genre(s): Country
  • Genre(s): Drumstick
  • Genre(s): Gospel
  • Genre(s): Punk
  • Genre(s): Rock
  • Size: 20"
  • Long Sustain
  • Cymbal Type: Rides
  • Project Volume
  • Heavy Weight
  • Skill Level(s): Advanced, Intermediate, Professional
  • A Custom The choice of renowned rock, metal and fusion drummers, A Customs feature a brilliant finish and radical new hammering techniques that deliver a crisp, sweet, sophisticated A Zildjian sound, but with a contemporary feel.  A Customs are not too dark and not too bright with a fast response and clean attack.