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VOX AV60 Valve Guitar Amp: Pop in or give us a call for our best price!


Drawing upon nearly 60 years of tube amplifier design, the all-new AVSeries from VOX offers players a full pallet of authentic amplifier sounds, an incredible stable of additional features establishes the AV Series as one the most exciting, and unique, offerings in the VOX lineup

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vox av60 angle.jpg

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- Unique multi-circuit analog pre-amp utilises a 12AX7 tube to provide a full complement of clean, crunch, overdrive, and high gain tones

- Tailor the sound to your liking via the Bright and Fat switches

- Further enhance your tones with a customisable, tube equipped analog power section

- Unique, sealed speaker enclosure for improved resonance

- Three analog-voiced digital effects including Chorus, Delay & Reverb