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Line 6 gave the fifth generation of their Spider modelling amps a crisp, modern design and a high-performance, full-range speaker system, and packed them with a serious arsenal of upgraded amp models and effects.  These are the best-sounding and easiest-to-use Spiders ever. The Spider V 120 rocks a selection of over 200 killer amps, cabinets, and effects, handling both your electric and acoustic guitars with confidence. The intuitive, color-coded control set and 128 iconic rig presets let you zero in on your ideal tone for any musical scenario. Plug into the Line 6 Spider V 120 - there's a universe of guitar tone waiting.

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With the Spider V 120, you'll take performance and practice to the next level. The built-in wireless receiver lets you plug in a Relay G10 transmitter (sold separately) and you're ready to cut the cord!
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Line 6 Spider V120 4x3.png

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- 120-watt guitar amp with updated amp and effects models

- Access an arsenal of models with fast and easy color coded controls

- Full-range 2-way speaker system sounds great with electrics, acoustics, and full mixes

- Wireless-ready for use with select (optional) Line 6 Relay transmitters

- 128 pro-crafted presets include iconic rigs and classic artist sounds

- Onboard tuner, metronome, and real drummer loops

- Mac/PC, iOS, and Android connectivity

- Compatible with Line 6 FBV control pedal

- Headphone output, aux input jacks