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LINE 6 Spider V V60 Guitar Combo Amp: Pop in or give us a call or our best price!


Line 6 gave the fifth generation of their Spider modeling amps a crisp, modern design and a high-performance, full-range speaker system, and packed them with a serious arsenal of upgraded amp models and effects.  These are the best-sounding and easiest-to-use Spiders ever. The Spider V 60 rocks a selection of over 200 killer amps, cabinets, and effects, handling both your electric and acoustic guitars with confidence. The intuitive, color coded control set and 128 iconic rig presets let you zero in on your ideal tone for any musical scenario. Plug into the Line 6 Spider V 60 - there's a universe of guitar tone waiting.

The built-in wireless receiver lets you plug in a Relay G10 Transmitter (sold separately) and you're ready to cut the cord.


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Line 6 Spider V60 4x3.png

Additional Info


- 60-watt guitar amp with updated amp and effects models

- Access an arsenal of models with fast and easy color coded controls

- Full-range 2-way speaker system sounds great with electrics, acoustics, and full mixes

- Wireless-ready for use with select (optional) Line 6 Relay transmitters

- 128 pro-crafted presets include iconic rigs and classic artist sounds

- Onboard tuner, metronome, and real drummer loops

- Mac/PC, iOS, and Android connectivity

- Compatible with Line 6 FBV control pedal

- Headphone output, aux input jacks