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Fender Acoustic Pro 200-watt Acoustic Combo Amp: Pop in or give us a call for our best price


The Fender Acoustic Pro combo guitar amplifier has a stylish look and powerful features. This 2-channel, 200-watt acoustic guitar amplifier is an instant solo PA that's ideal for singer/songwriters and one-man shows. Independent EQs, feedback-reducing phase switches, effects loop, and a balanced XLR line-out make this amp a gig-ready unit for any musician. The bent wood cabinet adds a unique and modern look to this combo. Get sleek looks and great sound with the Fender Acoustic Pro combo guitar amp.


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Fender Acoustic Pro 200 4x3.png
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Additional Info


- 2-channel combo amp designed for acoustic guitar and vocals

- 12" speaker and 1" compression driver provide well-balanced frequency response

- Bent plywood cabinet looks good and reduces resonance for solid, powerful tone

- Built-in reverb, effects loop, and XLR direct out, for great live performances

- Treble, Bass, and sweepable Mid controls let you fine-tune your sound

- 16V phantom power on the mic input

- Phase switch on guitar and mic inputs to minimise feedback and boominess

- Aux-in jack for external playback devices